2015-2016 Recap

Despite what it might look like from this blog, we were busy in the 2015-2016 academic year. A brief recap:

  • We continued to have our regular gatherings on Wednesday evenings and morning prayers once a week as well.


  • We packed health kits for the IOCC in the fall semester. It was quite a successful project. We packed over 100 kits! Extra items that we couldn’t use in the kits were donated to a local shelter.


  • We had a fantastic end of the fall semester dinner hosted by Greg!


  • We were visited by Archbishop Michael during the spring semester.


  • We started out Lent by participating in the OCF Day of Prayer on Clean Monday.


  • Our lecture series continued in April with a lecture by Rev. Dr. Nicolas Kazarian on “Orthodoxy Without Borders.” (See flyer below.)


  • We celebrated Pascha! (And had a Bright Wednesday feast that week too complete with hamburgers grilled in the parking lot.)


  • Most of all though, we enjoyed each other’s friendship, encouragement, and growing in and learning about our faith.




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