Fall 2015 Schedule

Welcome back to all returning students and welcome to all new students!

We will be meeting at 7 pm on Wednesdays in Anabel Taylor Hall. The room will vary – check out the board in the lobby of ATH to find us each week!  We have some great topics coming our way this semester, as well as some open slots. If you have a topic suggestion or want to volunteer to lead a session send us an email at ocfcornell@gmail.com.  We are also planning some fun social events like our second annual BBQ. We hope to see you soon!

Date Topic Person/people leading
9/2/2015 Topic Brainstorm N/A
9/9/2015 Gender & Sexuality in the Church Jules
9/16/2015 Orthodoxy, Nationalism and Identity Radu
9/23/2015 A Practical Guide to Prayer
9/30/2015 Saskatchewan Wife Hunters???!!!
Navigating the Single Life as an Orthodox Christian
10/7/2015 Ecumenical Relations Stephen
10/14/2015 Faith and Hardship: Loss, Grief and Healing
10/21/2015 Orthodoxy and Fitness Bob
10/28/2015 Orthodox Intellectuals?
11/4/2015 Outside Perspectives of Orthodoxy/Orthodox Elevator Speeches Greg
11/25/2015 Thanksgiving Break
12/9/2015 First Day of Finals

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