Lenten Retreat


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Summary from John:

This year’s Lenten Retreat took place on at the picturesque St. Andrew’s Camp located on lake Oswego and was attended by students and alumni from several OCFs located in the northeast. The weekend included opportunity for personal and group prayer. The Lenten Retreat culminated in  Fr. Phillip’s visit, who led a discussion on repentance and shared his unique path to orthodoxy.

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Summary from Janine:


A wonderful two nights were spent at Saint Andrew’s Camp in Jewell, NY. Upon arrival the group ate dinner, played a couple practical jokes (all in good fun), played games and had a candle lit small compline in the chapel. We did not go to bed until around 2 am because no one wanted the fun to end. On Saturday Fr. Phillip McCaffrey from Holy Transfiguaration in Syracuse spoke to the students mainly about repentance especially during the lenten season. Fr. James Worthington (Holy Apostles, Lansing) served vespers and blessed Cornell’s new icons. Following vespers a delicious lenten meal was consumed and the fellowship continued. Finally, on Sunday the students went to Sts. Peter and Paul OCA in Syracuse for Hierarchal Divine Liturgy. There they were greeted with open arms by the community. Personally I can say I had an absolutely amazing time and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again

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